Real Results

Arbor is known for responsive, practical problem-solving for our clients. 

Examples below include real results and client satisfaction.

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    Affirmative Action Plan Preparation

    Large Manufacturer With Multiple Geographic Establishments

    Bringing Multiple Acquisitions Up-To-Speed While Defending OFCCP Audits

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    Geographic AAPs to FAAPs

    Global Consulting Firm

    Over 50 U.S. Office Establishments

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    Major Discrimination Charges Threatened

    $20 Billion Healthcare Enterprise

    Turnaround of Contentious Audit Situation

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    FAAP Audits

    Global Professional Services Firm - in transition

    Functional AAP (FAAP) Audits

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    University Audit Support and Compliance Implementation

    Major University

    Over 12,000 Faculty and Staff

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    Construction Audit Support

    Multi-state Construction Company

    Positive Audit Results and Compliance Implementation

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    Am I Really A Federal Contractor?

    Major Healthcare Systems

    Gap Analysis

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    Applicant Tracking

    Global Professional Services Firm

    Revamping Client's ATS To Reduce Liability

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    HR Investigations

    Global Automotive Organization and Non-Profit Social Welfare Organization

    Swift Responses To Employee Complaints

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    Sexual Harassment Investigation

    Large Healthcare System

    Sexual Harassment Complaint

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