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Diversity in the workplace

Affirmative Action Support

The Arbor Consulting Group has over three decades of experience in preparing Affirmative Action Plans and defending audits conducted by the Office of Federal Contractors Compliance Programs (OFCCP). We have an exemplary track record of closing audits with either zero or minor technical violations, even in situations where it appears the audit is heading towards major violations.  Arbor also handles all aspects of Affirmative Action support such as training, compensation equity analyses, applicant tracking implementation review, State affirmative action/EEO requirements and AAP’s and M&A due diligence.  In addition, Arbor will conduct mock OFCCP audits to help an organization determine if it is in compliance, before the audit notice arrives, including preparing for the new 503 Focused Reviews and the VEVRRA Focused Reviews.

Affirmative Action Plan Preparation

Affirmative Action

Audit Support

Affirmative Action


Compensation Equity


Mock Audits - Am I in Compliance?

State AA Requirements

Applicant Tracking

M&A Due Diligence

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Affirmative Action Plan Preparation

Lauded by HR Leaders, Attorneys and the OFCCP

  • AAPs built for strategic defense of the organization

  • Audit tested and commended by legal counsel and OFCCP, alike

  • Specialized AAP architecture design

  • Traditional supply and service AAPs

  • Functional Affirmative Action Plans (FAAPs)

  • Construction AAPs and supporting compliance Items

  • Academia and University AAPs

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Affirmative Action Training

What it Means to be a

Federal Contractor/Subcontractor

and How to Manage Risk

  • Leadership briefings

  • Human Resource Affirmative Action compliance training

  • Recruiter training on managing applicant flow

  • Audit preparation briefings

  • Large-format webinars

  • Private seminars and workshops

  • Customized training and webinars for specific client needs

  • Specialized briefings for Boards and Executive Teams


Compensation Equity Analysis

Preventative Analysis and

Risk Assessments

  • Confidential pay equity studies conducted under attorney-client privilege

  • Analyses by gender, race, age and other factors

  • Risk evaluation under Equal Pay Act and Title VII standards

  • Organization-wide large-or small-scale studies

planning and discussion

Mock Audits - Am I in Compliance?

Don't wait for an OFCCP audit to find out

you are not in compliance or otherwise at risk

Do you ever wonder if your HR practices and systems could cause liability? Are you doing any of the following:

  • Hiring under the "friends and family" program?

  • Using "temps" as your hiring pool?

  • Not training managers on what to do with a request for an accommodation?

  • Weak diversity outreach?

  • Not listing job openings with relevant state employment offices?

  • Pre-employment testing?

  • Using Evergreen jobs?

  • Not managing your applicant tracking system?

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State AA Requirements

Doing business with a state or city?

AA requirements at the state and municipality levels are different and sometimes more complex than the federal requirements. 

In addition, many states have different protected classes from the federal government.

If you have state or city contracts, Arbor can help you sort it all out.

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Applicant Tracking Management for Compliance

Some questions to ask to determine

the level of potential risk?

  • Is your applicant flow and ATS actively managed or just passively accumulating liability?

  • Are you allowing applicant pools to get too large, increasing the likelihood of disparity and discrimination charges?

  • Are you using Evergreen jobs and keeping positions open indefinitely?

  • Are you using disposition codes effectively to distinguish between a job seeker and a true applicant who must be counted and analyzed?

  • Have you trained your recruiters/hiring managers on managing applicant flow and the consistent use of disposition codes?

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M&A Due Diligence

Do you know what to look for in

assessing any potential liability from a

company's AA Program?

  • With Arbor's decades-long experience in successfully taking clients through OFCCP audits, we can assess any potential federal contractor liability as your business grows and you are acquiring another company.

  • “No surprises” is our rule of thumb. Don't become a federal contractor by acquiring an entity that already is one when you didn't expect it.  If you are a federal contractor, we can help uncover any unresolved audit issues or agency charges and their associated costs and risks during the M&A process.

AAS AA Audit
AAS Training
AAS Comp
AAS Mock
AAS State
AAS Tracking
Audit Process

Affirmative Action Audit Support

We are fierce advocates for our clients while maintaining respect from the OFCCP

  • SWAT team approach using seasoned, multi-disciplinary consultants

  • High audit closure rates with no violations or only minor technical violations

  • All audit types - traditional supply and service; FAAPs; construction; compliance checks; 503 and Veteran Focused Reviews

  • Conciliation agreement and consent decree negotiations and implementation

  • Tracking and monitoring for specialized reporting to OFCCP

  • Audit preparation training

  • Affirmative Action implementation checklists

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