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HR Risk Management

The Arbor Consulting Group uses its unique expertise in human resources, employment law and data systems to assist and partner with Human Resources Departments in managing risk and potential liability. To help minimize risk, Arbor is accomplished in: conducting internal investigations; mock OFCCP and HR audits; internal compensation equity reviews; and providing litigation support and M&A due diligence on OFCCP matters.


Litigation Support

Mock OFCCP/HR Audits

M&A Due Diligence

Compensation Equity Analysis

Am I Really a Federal Contractor?

Jump-start AA Compliance

911 Compliance

Investigation process


Get out in front of employee matters

and potential litigation

  • Investigations stemming from EEOC/DOL agency charges, employee complaints of harassment, discrimination or other perceived disparate treatment

  • Structured and confidential approach, designed to minimize disruption

  • He said /she said situations and matters involving highly-sensitive C-suite employees

  • Litigation support for large-scale HR/Employment/OFCCP matters

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Litigation Support

Documents review, data analyses and

investigations to support defense strategies against government and litigant charges

  • Expert Witness Reports and Testimony on Affirmative Action issues

  • Documents review for litigation preparation

  • Affirmative Action Plan review and assessment

  • HR investigations

  • Employee relations assessments

  • EEOC Charge investigations

  • Statistical analyses of terminations and RIF’s

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Mock OFCCP/HR Audits

Find any potential problems before

someone else does

  • Discover any potential compliance problems before the government or litigants do

  • OFCCP Mock Audits

  • HR Department/Functions Audits

  • Applicant Tracking Systems Management Audits

  • Assessment of the impact of becoming a federal contractor on an organization

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M&A Due Diligence

Do you know what to look for in

assessing any potential liability

from a company's AA Program?

  • With Arbor's decades-long experience in successfully taking clients through OFCCP audits, we can assess any potential federal contractor liability as your business grows and you are acquiring another company.

  • “No surprises” is our rule of thumb. Don't become a federal contractor by acquiring an entity that already is one when you didn't expect it.  If you are a federal contractor, we can help uncover any unresolved audit issues or agency charges and their associated costs and risks during the M&A process.

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Compensation Equity Analysis

Preventative Analysis and

Risk Assessments

  • Confidential pay equity studies conducted under attorney-client privilege

  • Analyses by gender, race, age and other factors

  • Risk evaluation under Equal Pay Act and Title VII standards

  • Organization-wide large-or small-scale studies

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Am I Really a Federal Contractor?

Surprisingly it is not always easy to tell if an organization is a Federal Contractor or Subcontractor

Grant dollars? 

Healthcare system?



Joint Venture? 

Acquired Business? 


Arbor Reviews:

  • Contract and subcontract language

  • Separate entity issues for subcontractors/subsidiaries

  • Grants vs Supply and Service government contracts

  • Federal financial assistance in construction

  • The level of requirements based on the level of the contract(s)

  • The pros and cons of taking federal dollars

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Jump-start AA Compliance

Getting up-to-speed as a

new Federal Contractor or Subcontractor

can be overwhelming

  • Arbor clients receive our complimentary Starter Kit with samples and prototypes, a structured implementation plan and lots of coaching to help ease the burden of becoming compliant with federal contractor requirements

  • We also can review policies, practices, HRIS and applicant flow data issues and other systems for defense and compliance

Risk mitigation compass

911 Compliance

A Responsive Arbor SWAT Team

  • Not aware your organization was a Federal Contractor until you received an OFCCP Audit notice?

  • Is your OFCCP Audit going south and it looks like major violations - or worse may result?

  • Found a letter from the DOL that had been floating around the office building for weeks?

  • Not a Federal Contractor and wondering if you should take the federal dollars?

  • Did an employee just file a sexual harassment claim against one of your senior leaders?


If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," immediately contact the Arbor Compliance SWAT Team for help.

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