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  • Not aware your organization was a Federal Contractor until you received an OFCCP Audit notice?

  • Is your OFCCP Audit going south and it looks like major violations - or worse may result?

  • Found a letter from the DOL that had been floating around the office building for weeks?

  • Not a Federal Contractor and wondering if you should take the federal dollars?

  • Did an employee just file a sexual harassment claim against one of your senior leaders?


If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," immediately contact the Arbor Compliance SWAT Team for help.

911 Real Results

Arbor is known for responsive, practical problem-solving for our clients.  Examples below include real results and client satisfaction.


Major Discrimination

Charges Threatened

$20 Billion Healthcare Enterprise

Turnaround of Contentious Audit Situation


Construction Audit


Multi-state Construction Company

Positive Audit Results and Compliance Implementation


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