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Real Results:

Construction Audit Support

Multi-state Construction Company

Positive Audit Results and Compliance Implementation



Arbor was called in after a notice of audit was received. The OFCCP already had been on-site, gathering data and information.

The organization was unaware of its compliance requirements under federal contracting construction regulations, so not all processes or procedures were in place.


Arbor's SWAT team quickly responded to put as many necessary compliance items in place, including affirmative action documentation, before the next OFCCP on-site visit. Arbor coached HR and managers on obligations and audit preparations

Arbor was present onsite at the entrance conference, corporate review meetings, management interviews, remote construction site visits, and the exit conference protecting the client's interests at every turn.


OFCCP alleged 13 violations. Most were not true regulatory violations - they appeared to be OFCCP's wish list for how construction contractors should comply, not how they must comply. The negotiation process was tense and eventually involved the OFCCP District Director, but Arbor prevailed on behalf of the client, eventually negotiating the results down to three violations, from the original 13.

Company management was thrilled with the outcome and understood that Arbor saved them from an unfair and tremendously burdensome implementation and reporting workload.

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