• Tracy Jimenez

OFCCP Implements the Contractor Compliance Institute

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Presently, there are two training courses:

- The Path To Compliance: Understanding Expectations to Governance

- Affirmative Action Programs

The idea is a good one, but please keep in mind the following, if you access the material:

- The information is basic. It may be helpful to those who know very little about federal contractor obligations and compliance, but not if one is attempting to be strategic about compliance and risk management.

- Some of the statements would be misleading, unless the user has in-depth knowledge of the subject.

- The site is not user-friendly. It requires multiple layers of security to access public information and the modules have technical challenges when played on certain devices (iPad, for example). Hopefully, these issues will be fixed for future training modules.

Arbor is your partner in strategic AA compliance and HR risk management. Please reach out if your organization has questions, would like to schedule a training webinar or would like more information.

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