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OFCCP Contractor Portal is Open


If you have a supply and service contract, or are a federal subcontractor, the OFCCP is requiring you to certify that you are meeting your annual requirement to develop and maintain annual affirmative action plans. E-mails have been sent to the contact person listed on your company’s 2018 EEO-1 report. The Contractor Portal is now open for registration only, from February 1st to March 30th. Certification itself does not begin until March 31, 2022. Your company’s contact person(s) must register through, which can be done now, as the OFCCP is encouraging companies to start registering as soon as possible. You might want to wait to register immediately, however, to see if there are legal challenges to the OFCCP’s authority to require this certification through this process.

When registering, you will want to have your company’s Employer Identification Number (EIN), EEO-1 Headquarter/Company Number, and Establishment/Unit Number ready. This will ensure that your company information will be pre-populated into the portal. If you don’t have an EIN available, you will need your Company’s Legal Business Name, DUNS Number and NAICS Code.

There is a lot we do not know about this certification process at this time, as information is still being rolled out by the OFCCP. One thing we do know is that you do not need to upload your AAPs, unless you are in an OFCCP audit.

The Contractor Portal can be found at the following link: Welcome | OFCCP Contractor Portal - U.S. Department of Labor ( ( A webinar about how to register for the portal should soon be available.

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