The Arbor Awards Standards of Excellence

Organizations receiving an award should demonstrate excellence in accordance with the following standards adopted from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Pinnacle Award criteria for outstanding programs.

  • Represents an outstanding accomplishment that experts or peers in the human resources field would agree deserves special attention.
  • Has significant technical or professional impact on the human resources profession.
  • Includes high levels of originality or inventiveness that clearly identify the organization as creating an innovative enhancement or solution to a significant human resources issue/problem.
  • Reflects outstanding leadership and coordination of effective human resources activities.
  • Produces significant and measurable results above and beyond expectations and enables the organization to meet key benchmarks and schedules that otherwise would not be accomplished.
  • Improves a program, service and product quality or employee satisfaction to a degree that significantly increases organization revenues and/or reduces costs.

Note: It is unlikely that one program will satisfy every standard of excellence mentioned, and some programs may reflect special qualities other than those listed here.